History Of College Basketball

The history of college basketball for men and for women is closely related, but in the early years of gaming, males were banned from observing the games that females participated in at school. The rules of the game evolved over time too, and the changes in such rules have placed a greater emphasis on cooperative action, teamwork, and fair play.

History Of College Basketball For Men

As Naismith fulfilled his tenure at the YMCA in Massachusetts, he was in need of a game that would keep his students fit, strong, and entertained. He created a game that could be played indoors by seven to nine team members on two separate teams. This sport was so popular that it was immediately spread to all of the other YMCA institutions. Eventually, colleges and high schools began to pick up on the game and allowed players to play it in a variety of academic settings. In fact, this game spread so fast in terms of its popularity that within three years from the time that Naismith created the game it was already a collegiate sport.

The first official college basketball game ever played between two different was played between the Minnesota School of Agriculture and Hamline College. Each of the teams consisted of a total of five team members, with the Minnesota School of Agriculture winning at a score of nine to three. Later, in 1896, the University of Iowa played against the University of Chicago where Chicago won with a final score of fifteen to twelve. In 1937, the very first Men’s collegiate championship was devised by the NAIA, otherwise known as the National Association of Intercollegiate Basketball . A year later, following the championship, there was a New York based tournament held named the National Invitation Tournament. The year after that in 1939, the NCAAA sported the very first National Tournament for men.

History Of College Basketball For Women

At Smith College, the popularity of basketball grew quickly. Smith College was an all girls college in Northampton, Connecticut and following Naismith’s introduction of the game, Sandra Bereson, a gym teacher at Smith College, introduced the game to her students in 1892. Bereson adapted the rules of the game to inspire both cooperation and teamwork over competitive action. In Bereson’s rules, teams were created with nine members and the court was broken down into three zones with three players. Every player was limited to the zone she was assigned to and players could only keep the ball in their hands for a period of three seconds at a time before having to pass it on to another player. A year later, in 1983, the first female collegiate game was played at Smith college when a sophomore team played against a freshman team. The freshman class defeated the sophomore class with a score of five to four.

Within three years basketball games were being played at a variety of women’s colleges across the nation, and by the late 1890s the first all women’s intercollegiate basketball game was played between teams from Berkley and Stanford. The games consisted of nine team members on each team. Considered as socially inappropriate, men were not permitted to view the games that women played at the time, and they were physically banned from entering the site where a game was played. Stanford proved the victor with a score of two to one over the girls in the Berkeley team.

College Basketball Gains Popularity

By the turn of the century, so many colleges were allowing men and women to play college basketball that conferences were being arranged. The IAAUS, otherwise known as the Intercollegiate Athletic Association of the United States, was first established in the year 1906. This agency would be responsible for determining the eligibility rules for basketball gaming in colleges. Today, the IAAUS has evolved into the NCCA or the National Collegiate Athletic Association. About twenty-five years later, the first collegiate games were held at Madison Square Garden between Notre Dame and NYU as well as St. John’s and Westminster in a “doubleheader” event. Four years later, the first NIT or National Invitational Tournament was hosted at the same location. This same location would later become the home site of the NY Knickerbockers in the late 1940s.

Today, college basketball is amazingly popular, with things like March Madness driving large crowds of observers every year. March Madness involves a yearly basketball competition among college players that includes 64 teams.

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